War on Syria: Israeli army forces advance into Syrian territory

Israeli army forces advance into Syrian territory

Qunitera – Israeli army forces, on Monday, advanced for 200 meters into B’er Ajam area in the countryside of Qunaitera, inside the Syrian territory.

Qasioun News reported that the Israeli occupation forces entered the Syrian territory, backed by bulldozers, tanks and military vehicles, while now the troops are lifting the earth mounds in the vicinity of the area in which they entered.

This came few days before Astana 6 peace talks that are supposed to discuss the war on Syria and three de-escalation areas, including the areas southwest of Syria and the Syrian-Israeli borders.

It is noteworthy that the Israeli forces crossed the ceasefire line in July 13th, 2017, capturing new locations in the Syrian-held areas, based on the disengagement agreement that was conducted in.



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