Germany: Muslim migrants beat and abuse man because he was wearing a cross

How Merkel’s immigration policies have enriched Germany! And it looks as if she is going to be reelected. National suicide.

First they came for the Jews wearing the Star of David or Kippah on the streets of Berlin, as was the case with the 67 year-old Jewish man brutally assaulted in the broad day light in 2014, or the 53 year-old Berlin Rabbi and his young daughter, who were attacked and threatened with death, two years earlier. In both of these cases and many others to follow, the attackers were migrant Muslim men.

The German media and political establishment have always been reluctant to admit the inherent Jew-hatred within the country’s growing Muslim population. But the gangs that once targeted Germany’s tiny Jewish population are now taking aim at the country’s majority Christian population as well.

“Three youths attacked a man because he was wearing a cross,” reported the German newspaper Die Welt today. Not wanting to divulge the religious motives behind the attack, the newspaper describes the attackers as “assailants of North African origin.”

German daily Die Welt reported the details of the incident:

In Berlin, three youths attacked a 39 year-old for wearing a pendant with a cross on it. He was beaten and abused as “gay swine.” The police told Die Welt that the man was asked by the attackers in broken German, “What is this?” — referring to the two wooden crosses on his neck.

During the proceeding altercation, one of the three (assailants) hit him in the face and abused him as “gay swine.” The victim described the assailants of being between 12 and 14 years of age and as “phenotypically North African,” the (police) spokeswomen told Die Welt.

The newspaper accused the government of “not keeping a systematic record” of crimes driven by anti-Christian motives. Die Welt writes further [Translation by author]:

In May, a gay man was attacked for wearing a cross, as well as his sexual orientation, in Berlin’s Neukölln district. According to [the victim’s] statement, he was abused by a group of men, women and children. The men then went on to hit and kick him.

In early May, a fatal anti-Christian crime took place in the town of Prien am Chiemsee. An Afghan Christian women was stabbed by Afghan-Islamist men in front of her children.

There are no reliable estimated on the extent of anti-Christian crimes. In Germany, such incidents are not recorded systematically.

This Islamist violence does not limit itself to targeting ex-Muslims alone. For years, teachers across Germany have been raising the alarm about Turkish and Arab gang violence against native-born students and teachers.

“Yes, there is animosity against Germans in German schools,” admitted Josef Kraus, head of Germany’s Teachers Union (DL) in 2010. “Fearful of being called a “xenophobe” or  “Islamophobe” for that matter, one tried to brush aside what is in fact the daily reality in many schools: [The fact that] female teachers are abused as “sluts” and German students are labelled as “swine eaters”, “shitty Germans”, or “Nazis”, or German boy and girls being too scared to enter the playground.



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