Muslim soldier pledged allegiance to the Islamic State in 2011, allowed to continue to serve in US Army

What’s more, his security clearance was revoked, and then restored.

Why did Kang serve in the US Army for one minute after he pledged allegiance to the Islamic State? Because the US military is avid to have and feature Muslim soldiers, so that it can show that it is not “Islamophobic.” And this at the expense of security, as we have seen before with Nidal Malik Hasan, the Fort Hood jihad mass murderer, who continued to serve in the Army even after he frightened his coworkers with his talk of jihad, and contacted jihad mastermind Anwar al-Awlaki.

A US soldier who was arrested for ties to ISIS pledged allegiance to the terror group as early as 2011, authorities have said.

Ikaika Erik Kang, who reportedly won the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, is accused of giving US military documents and training to the terrorist group.

Kang, 34, continued to serve in the Army for years after expressing support for ISIS as the military and the FBI investigated to determine whether he posed a threat, authorities said.

Kang’s father Clifford has since said his son, who was was deployed to Iraq in 2011 and Afghanistan in 2013, may have been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Clifford Kang told Honolulu TV station KHON and the Star-Advertiser newspaper he became concerned after his son’s return from Afghanistan – and that he had become ‘withdrawn’.

He also said his son started studying the Islamic faith a couple of years ago during one of his deployments.

Sergeant First Class Kang was taken into custody over the weekend after declaring his loyalty to the terrorist group and admission that he wanted to ‘kill a bunch of people’, according to authorities.

Kang is on record making pro-Islamic State comments and threatening to hurt or kill other service members back in 2011, according to an FBI affidavit filed Monday in federal court.

The Army revoked his security clearance in 2012 but gave it back to him the following year.

Last year, the Army called the FBI when it ‘appeared that Kang was becoming radicalized’, the affidavit said.

Retired Army judge and prosecutor Colonel Gregory Gross said he was perplexed that the Army allowed Kang to remain a soldier even after his favorable comments toward the Islamic State group.

But Gross said the Army may have decided Kang was just mouthing off and was not a threat.

The senior Kang however was shocked to hear about his son’s connection to ISIS.

‘Nobody told me anything. This is the first time I heard about’ it, said Clifford Kang when reached by telephone by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser Monday. ‘I’m kind of stunned to tell you the truth.’

‘I never heard of him being with ISIS,’ Kang said…

Kang told an undercover federal agent Saturday that he wanted to kill ‘a bunch of people’.googoogaga


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