11th Night Pictures the BBC Don’t Want You To See!

All over Northern Ireland, hundreds of thousands of revelers are out preparing to see the lighting of over 3,000 bonfires to mark 11th Night and herald tomorrow’s celebrations of the anniversary of Battle of the Boyne.

The BBC narrative is that this is a display of naked sectarianism, but that’s a blatant lie. These days, the Twelfth is all about the heritage and identity of the loyalist community, and indeed ever since 1916 it has been a commemoration of all the Ulstermen who fell at the Battle of the Somme. And, these days, many loyalist murals also commemorate the many Catholics who volunteered to fight for Britain in the same terrible war/

Many of tonight’s bonfires are topped with ISIS flags and, as you can see, at least one with an EU one. You could criss-cross Northern Ireland and not find an effigy of the Pope being burned tonight – even though many traditionalist Catholics would probably be happy to see the current one go up in flames themselves!

These days, the old sectarianism is kept going by Sinn Fein/IRA as a way of trying to keep their hold on a working class Catholic community which looks askance at their fixation with multi-culturalism, immigration and opposing ‘Islamophobia’. And the the professional liars of the BBC, who just hate EVERYTHING British!



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