Nineteen Islamic State militants killed by Iraqi troops in Mosul

Mosul – Nineteen Islamic State militants were killed in western Mosul’s Old City on Monday as troops continue to clear the city after declaring victory over the extremist group.

A Counter-Terrorism Service officer, Ali Mohsen, told BasNews that the service’s forces opened fire at two IS suicide bombers after suspecting them in the Old City. “Our forces are currently combing the liberated areas and have intensified vetting of refugees from the Old City for fear that they might be infiltrated by terrorists or IS suiciders.”

Col. Khaled al-Jawari, from the Joint Operations Command, told the website that Iraqi warplanes also killed 17 other militants after detecting their attempt to flee the Old City to the eastern side of Mosul via Tigris River.

BasNews quoted another source at Nineveh police service saying that four buildings at Shahwan and Qleyat neighborhoods exploded after they had been previously booby-trapped by IS members. The explosions left no casualties, according to the source.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived in Mosul on Sunday and celebrated victory over IS in Mosul, but abstained from delivering an official speech on the occasion until the last combing operations are concluded. “It is a matter of time until we announce victory to our great nation,” he was quoted saying.



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