Female Yazidi fighters join Syria’s Raqqa battle

Female Yazidi fighters join Syria's Raqqa battle

Raqqa – Sinjar Women’s Units (SWU) announced on Monday the participation of some of its members in the battle for Raqqa in Syria to avenge the Islamic State’s (IS) violence against the Yazidi women.

“The SWU has sent a special unit of its fighters to the Syrian City of Raqqa to take part in the liberation of the city from the IS’ grip,” an official from the all-female militia, Privian Sinjari, told Alsumaria News.

Sinjari stressed that the decision to participate in the Raqqa battle came in revenge of IS violence against the Yazidi women and girls.

“The IS has practiced many forms of slavery against the Yazidi women, including murder and rape, as well as selling them in the slave market,” she added.

“The female Yazidi fighters wants to send a message to the world through their participation in the war against the IS that ‘they are strong women who have the ability to defend herself. The Yazidi woman will not give up despite their suffering”.

Backed by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, the SWU was formed in 2014 and include about 3,000 fighters based in Sinjar.



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