ISIS recruits new leader in Daraa

Islamic State recruits new leader in Daraa

Daraa – The self-proclaimed Islamic State group has assigned a new Emir, on Wednesday, after the killing of the first line leaders by a U.S. air strike in Jillen Town, west of Daraa.

Qasioun News reported on Thursday that the Islamic State militants have pledged allegiance to Wael Fa’our al-Eid, also known as Abu Taim Inkhil, as the General Emir in al-Yarmouk Basin, after serving as the military Emir in the same area.

The 40-year-old new Emir was the security operations and assassinations official in the so-called Jaysh al-Jihad (Jihad army) in the area, especially in Inkhil Town.

It is noteworthy that the international coalition bombarded, yesterday, headquarters of the Islamic State’s Jaysh Khalid Brigade, west of Daraa, and killed the General Emir of the group in the area.



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