Susan Boyle assaulted, harassed by gang of 15 migrant youths

Susan Boyle attends the BBC Sports Personality Of The Year event in Glasgow, Scotland on Dec. 14, 2014.

“Britain’s Got Talent” star Susan Boyle has been the victim of a series of assaults and intimidation from a group of youths near her home in Scotland, according to a new report.

The Mirror reported that the abuse is getting so bad that Susan was planning to alert authorities to the increasing violence.

The culprits are supposedly a group of up to 15 youths, mostly boys, who appear to be deliberately targeting Susan.

In one incident, the group surrounded her, lit a piece of paper on fire and threw it at her face, the report says. That was just one instance.

“We were inside the bus and they were throwing stones, screaming and shouting things,” a witness to some of the attacks told the Mirror. The witness revealed that another time Susan was walking out of a shopping center when the boys approached her at a entrance and began hurling profanity at her.

“It’s horrendous,” the witness said.

Image result for muslim migrant violence

Susan isn’t the only target. The group has reportedly harassed other locals of the area where Susan was born.

One person said the gang shouted racist remarks her way before it got physical.

“While I was waiting at the bus they lobbed a glass bottle at my head. Luckily, it missed – it would have been painful if it had hit me. I’ve called the police 15 times. I’ve had to speak to victim support, I’ve had to call helplines because I’ve felt suicidal,” Susan’s neighbor said. “They’re known to the community. They set the children’s park on fire, they put fireworks through somebody’s door, they threw eggs at a [small] girl’s window.”

“They pick on the most vulnerable people,” the source said. “If there is more than one person they won’t do it – because they are too scared. It’s old people, children, mentally ill people. It’s really disgusting.”

Susan suffers from Asperger syndrome, which affects her ability to process information.



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