14-Year-Old Boy Arrested for Making and Spreading Ransomware


A fourteen-year-old boy has been arrested in Japan for creating and fixing computers with a program that can encrypt and lock files, and ask for money when it comes to unlocking them.

The teenager who resides in Osaka, Japan is the only person from Japan to have been caught for a crime of such nature.

The student created a malware that infiltrates the system and then locks the information, making it extremely non-accessible. Moreover, in order for the user to get them, the victim has to pay for the unlock key, commonly through cryptocurrency.

The student created a ransomware virus and uploaded its source code online, thus gaining access to hundreds of computers. Thankfully, no reports of financial exploitation appeared until now.

The high school going teenager told the police that he taught himself how to program and made the ransomware in a matter of days so that he could become famous.

The police discovered the malicious programme during the cyber-patrolling at the start of this year.

After observing the program, the code led to the confiscation and search of his house two months ago.

Due to the NSA tools and Vault 7 leaks, hackers and programmers have used those flaws to the best of their interests and have come up with more complex malware and ransomware to hit a normal user. A report stated that in the month of May alone, more than 200,000 computers were infected with a ransomware known as WannaCry, and it took less than two days to achieve this.

The WannaCry ransomware locks the victim’s computer and then sends them a demand to give $300 via Bitcoin to have their files unlocked. The ransomware also has a timer stating that if the user does not pay within a certain amount of time, then their private data will be deleted forever.



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