Nineveh council says feuds break out between Mosul civilians and IS families

Nineveh – A number of tribal feuds flared recently in Mosul between families of Islamic State fighters and civilians who had relatives killed by the group, Nineveh province council said Wednesday.

Council member Hossam al-Abbar told Almaalomah website that feuds broke out at the Qayyara, Hammam al-Alil and other regions south of Mosul after more displaced civilians returned to their home regions from refugee camps.

Security forces intervene temporarily to defuse the tensions, the official stated.

“The judiciary should be the arbitrator between the culprit and the victim,” Abbar urged.

Earlier on Wednesday, London-based al-Quds al-Arabi quoted Khaled al-Jar, mayor of Qayyara, saying that 500 people from his town protested demanding to expel IS members relatives. It added that tribal chiefs in Hammam al-Alil also urged to deport IS relatives for fear of vengeful acts.

Speaking to the newspaper, an officer from Nineveh police service said that, based on Iraqi laws, families linked to the Islamic State cannot be punished for the actions of one family member, explaining that others who pledged allegiance to the group can not also be held accountable, given that many did under threat rather than voluntarily.

The tensions were high that they mounted to killing members of Islamic State-linked families or setting their properties on fire.

On Tuesday, the Mosul city council said in a statement it would no longer allow receiving Islamic State fighters families migrating from other provinces. The existing families were to be deported and sheltered in camps where they would be “psychologically and ideologically rehabilitated and integrated with society once they prove responsive to that process.”

The council’s plan also involves a ban on internal migration in Mosul, and to ensure that migrant families are returned to the very same residences they occupied before June 2014 except those who had lost their dwelling.



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