Chile Ministry of Defense website hacked by apparent ISIS supporters

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Chile’s Ministry of Defense said its website was hacked on Monday night by people claiming to belong to the Islamic State militant group, known as ISIS.

The homepage was replaced by a page entitled “BOW TO ALLAH” that gave a user name of “ALLAHs Army” and said in English: “Sorry Admin Because Your Site Security is Low WE WE ARE ISIS” and in Spanish: “Allah is the only god.”

The ministry removed the hacked page early on Tuesday and diverted browsers to the subsecretary of defense’s website. Media site soychile took a screenshot of the hacked page, which the ministry confirmed was genuine.

“The situation activated the corresponding alarms, measures were adopted and sensitive information from the ministry was not put at risk,” the ministry said in a statement, adding that its email database was also unaffected.

Although Chilean government websites have been hacked before, this was the first such attack by anyone apparently supporting the hardline Islamist group that has take control of parts of Syria and Iraq.

Chile, a temporary member of the United Nations Security Council, has suffered a number of high-level bomb attacks by Islamic groups in recent years, several related to trouble in the Middle East. These groups have grown along side and partnered with Chile’s illicit drug trade and human trafficking groups.

In 2003, when Chile was last on the Security Council, it refused to support the U.S.-proposed resolution to authorize military action against Saddam Hussein’s government in Iraq as other countries did.advergear



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