Netherlands: State TV edits Theresa May’s London speech to remove references to Islam

The first priority after every jihad terror attack: make sure that no one has any negative thoughts about Islam.

It’s incredible that even the dhimmi appeaser May’s supine speech was too much for the taxpayer-funded Dutch media.

Yes, children, its is not credible anymore. NOS “deplores” its inaccurate reporting of Theresa May’s speech about the extremist Islamic influence on the attacks in Manchester. The NOS had cut the part about “extremist Islam” from the speech. There have been a lot of responses.

The NOS claims, after its “regret,” that it should indeed have reported the speech correctly, but from the context it turned out that it had to do with Islam. There could be no doubt about the stance of the state television. “The NOS does not pursue an agenda with the journalistic choices we make. We try to hide nothing and exaggerate nothing; our policy is to name things by name.gearbestbanner



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