Sobering WW2 Reminders Dug Up From Overgrown Battlefield

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. However, it is arguable that the following photos from the Eastern Front of World War II tell that story in more than a thousand words. These photos, some extremely graphic, hint at the turmoil, the desperation, and the death of those who fought in that desperate war. It is truly a sight to behold.

Gun Owners for Freedom and Security- MT posted some of the photos on its official Facebook page, along with the caption: “Artifacts found by a Russian battlefield archaeologist on the eastern from[sic] of WWII. Caution: some images may be considered graphic, but are being posted for educational and memorial value.”

Many of the photos show severely rusted guns and ammunition.

Some included dirt- and rust-encrusted grenades.

Some even included the bodies of men who had met their death during the fighting. Many show many artifacts with the Nazi swastika imprinted on them.

And of course… what appears to be alcohol.

This is a sobering reminder of the real face of war.

The origin of the photos is hard to determine. It appears that photos such as these have been circulating online for quite some time. Vintage News posted similar photos back in 2016 in relation to a U.K. program called, “Nazi War Diggers” that was canceled due to the sensitive nature of material being shown on television.

“Nazi War Diggers was cancelled by the National Geographic channel in 2014, and by Foxtel in Australia this year, after archaeologists slammed its gruesome content,” the outlet reported, adding that the program followed, “two metal-detecting enthusiasts, a Polish relic hunter and an American military antiques dealer as they excavate battlegrounds across Eastern Europe.”

It is possible that the photo series above originated with that show, based on the fact that this photo does show a metal detection device being used to uncover the relics.

Before It’s News also posted similar photos saying the photos came from “Russian guys who go out and metal detect WWII battlefields…They work with a couple of organizations to identify and return the remains to the families.”

World War II on the Eastern Front between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union was some of the most savage of the global war.

These photos bear witness to that savagery, and the weapons that made it possible.
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