Police personnel, ISIS snipers killed during battles in western Mosul

Mosul – Police personnel, Islamic State militants and snipers were killed during battles ongoing in western Mosul districts, Federal Police sources have said.

“Federal Police troops blew up four booby-trapped vehicles before targeting the troops advancing through al-Shifa region, in Mosul’s Old City,” Colonel Khodeir Saleh told BasNews on Monday.

“Two foreign IS snipers were killed during battles in the same region,” he said, adding eight other members were also killed.

Police troops, according to Saleh, are now in control of wide parts in al-Shifa, where slow advances are made due to the high density of population.

Meanwhile, First Lieutenant Ahmed Saleh, of Nineveh police, said one personnel was killed, three others were wounded in a booby-trapped car explosion that targeted troops on al-Sihha al-Thaniya district late on Sunday, DPA reported.

Abdul-Ghani al-Assadi, commander of the army’s elite Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS) expected liberation of the district within the coming few days. He said that in case the district was freed, the militants will be besieged in the Old City as all exits will be closed.

Regarding number of IS members killed al-Sihha district, Assadi said the troops killed 58 members on Sunday, predicting a higher number as the troops resume their advance.

The eastern side of Mosul was liberated in January after three months of battles. Another major offensive was launched in February to liberate the western side of the city.


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