An alleged witness of tonight’s Manchester Arena incident appeared on Fox News this evening to discuss the horror of what he saw.

Chris Pawley shot footage of himself frantically fleeing the arena following what officials suspect was a suicide bombing in its foyer, a public space.

“We’d come just out of where the box office is situated in the arena,” he said to Fox host Tucker Carlson. “As we get to the top of the steps we heard the biggest explosion and it was literally about 20 meters from where I was stood.”

“Everyone started panicking,” he continued. “We initially thought it was a terrorist attack, cause that’s just what we were thinking.”

“We ran down the stairs and started to head to the door. Before we got to the door we hesitated because of past things we’d seen,” he continued, apparently referencing his fear that someone may have set off a bomb with the intent of shooting people as they burst through the doors of the venue to escape.

“It was the worst experience ever,” said Pawley.

Pawley went on to state that there was “no security whatsoever” entering the venue, suggesting someone may have been able to bring a weapon inside.

Pawley’s interview with Carlson took a very disturbing turn when he described what was going on as people fled.

“As we left, there were so many young children in there and teenagers and as we, in the foyer where the explosion took place, as I was walking through I said to my partner, there was lots of parents stood there and I said, ‘look at them all waiting for their kids’ because I’d never seen it like that before, so many people,” he said.

“So they were waiting for the children to come out,” Pawley continued. “So they would’ve been the people [hurt].”


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