Taxpayers left with £290,000 bill after anti Donald Trump protests in London

Anti-Trump protests in London have cost taxpayers almost £290,000, according to shock new figures.

Scotland Yard spent the huge sum policing four anti-Trump rallies in the capital earlier this year.

The protests included the ‘Stop Trump’ march, held outside the US Embassy to oppose his travel ban on people from six Muslim-majority countries.

Arranged by left-wing groups such as Stand up to Racism and Stop the War, the demo on February 4 left taxpayers with a bill of £89,000.

Nearly £70,000 went towards policing the Women’s March – held by feminist campaigners on January 21, a day after Mr Trump’s inauguration.

The force spent a further £130,000 keeping order at two other protests against the US President’s controversial travel ban.

One of the rallies, held outside Downing Street in January, included high-profile speakers such as ex-Labour Party leader Ed Miliband.
Lib Dem chief Tim Farron, pop singer Lily Allen and SNP MP Mhairi Black also spoke out against Mr Trump’s immigration policy.
Even more activists are expected to hit the streets when Mr Trump arrives for a state visit later this year.
The visit is reportedly set to take place in early October, but Downing Street and the White House remain tight-lipped.
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