South Africa – on the brink of Civil War?

It may be dark, upsetting and blunt, but you need to see this video so you’re not caught by surprise when the once great nation of South Africa collapses into total chaos and unimaginable bloodshed.

It start with footage of yet another savage attack on a farm – this time on the cattle, not the farmer and his family. Then the South African narrator spells the situation out. For a self-confessed former liberal, he doesn’t mince his words.

Civil war is coming, so “get out or get ready”, he says. Finally, see the ranting hate-filled speech of one of the leaders of the ultra-Marxist, black racist opposition to the ‘moderate’ black racist Marxists at present in charge. “God help us indeed!”


Royal Ace¦ High Rollers¦ 200% Bonus


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