Woman killed by neighbor after allegedly training pet parrot to insult him

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A man has been accused of murdering his next-door neighbor after claiming she trained her parrot to insult him.

Ignazio Frailis is said to have waited for Maria Bonaria Contu as she went for a walk with pals.

Frailis, 46, then allegedly stabbed the 60-year-old married mother of two 11 times and wounded a friend who tried to protect her.

The alleged incident unfolded on the Italian island of Sardinia in the city of Cagliari.

Eugenio Fatone, the arresting officer, told reporters Frailis was “very cold, very calm and full of rage”.

Investigators say he was driven to kill Mrs Contu by a parrot which she trained to hurl insults whenever he passed the bird, L’Unione Sarda reports.

According to investigators, unemployed Frailis spent most of his time playing violent video games in his home where he could hear the bird’s taunts.

Magistrate Paolo De Angelis said: “Listening to the parrot all day, it became an obsession for him.

“I don’t exclude mental problems. Even the worst parrot in the world doesn’t justify this.”

Officer Fatone added that Frailis had made complaints about the bird before saying: “Officers had tried to talk to both sides and had suggested putting the parrot in a different room, not facing Mr Frailis’s house.”

Frailis’s uncle, Dario Serra, said his nephew was not a violent man. “He is a good person, he took care of cats and dogs and has never hurt anyone.”

The investigation continues.


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