Syrian army advances into eastern Homs countryside

Syrian army advances into eastern Homs countryside

Homs – Syrian army troops managed, on Monday, to retake several villages, strategic locations and oil wells in the eastern countryside of Homs, as well as driving out the Islamic State militants, SANA News Agency quoted a military source on Monday.

The military source said that the army managed to recapture the villages of Rajm al-Kasr, al-Rajm al-Aali and Rajm Dergham, and imposed its control over al-Medraja hills, al-A’lam al-Gharbeya, al-Treks, Sha’er communications station, Sha’er Lab, Qarat al-Bak and Thanyat al-Ruz Mountain.

The army forces also recaptured the oil wells number 103, 108, 110, 112, and approached the main oil well number 105 in al-Sha’er oil field, the source added.

Furthermore, the offensive resulted in eliminating large number of the Islamic State’s militants, in addition to destroying their vehicles and equipment, the source explained.

Meanwhile, social media websites revealed that the Syrian army advances into the eastern countryside of al-Makhram, and recaptured al-A’lam hill near Umm al-Sehreej city.



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