Jihadi, 14, found at Belgium train station with rucksack full of ‘Allah Akbar’ bombs

POLICE arrested a 14-year-old boy whose rucksack was packed with explosives amid fears of an imminent terror attack at a major railway station in Europe’s “jihadi hotspot”.

The swarmed onto a construction site near Molenbeek train station, Belgium, after they saw plumes of smoke rising from one of the skeleton buildings.

Four teenagers were discovered inside, one of whom was allegedly carrying a deadly cargo of homemade bombs in his back pack.

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The 14-year-old was also in possession of a bottle with the words “Allah Akbar” engraved into it, according to police.

Armed police searched the child’s home and found more bomb-making equipment.

The teenager’s computer was confiscated and he was found to have searched online for “how to make a bomb”, Belgian police claim.

He allegedly told police that he wanted to make a bomb because he is interested in video games and chemistry.

Police have detained the child, who has no previous criminal convictions, as he awaits trial.

Brussels public prosecutor Ine Van Wymersch said: “The profile of the 14-year-old is worrisome and that is why the prosecutor’s office has asked for his placement.

“A placement for possession of explosive substances was requested, in a context where this young person seems to be disturbed by his video games.”


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Berlin truck killer ‘visited 15 mosques’ AND contacted ISIS jihadis prior to attack

THE jihadi who drove a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin earlier this month visited 15 mosques and contacted two ISIS-linked individuals prior to the deplorable attack.

Anis Amri, who brutally murdered 12 people in the sickening assault last Monday, is believed to have been in contact with fellow extremists while in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia, according to German media reports.

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He had applied for asylum under eight different aliases in western Germany – one of which he used in Oberhausen.

By February 2016, Amri was mainly located in Berlin – despite the fact he should not have been allowed to leave North Rhine-Westphalia due to asylum restrictions.

The state criminal investigation office in Düsseldorf took another three months to officially classify Amri as a threat – issuing the warning on May 10.

In Berlin, the killer had allegedly frequent contact with people whom German security services claimed had ties to the radical Salafist-Islamist scene.

Authorities were already investigating two of Amri’s contacts suspected of planning a terror attack.

But the surveillance information gathered on Amri by state-level security services was not passed to Germany’s federal intelligence unit for another six months – reaching the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution on October 13, 2016.

German security services have been widely condemned since the killings for their failure to prevent the attack, despite monitoring Amri for almost a year before it happened.

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EXPOSED – the ruthless ISIS killer with a private army in the heart of Europe [video]

Hundreds of ISIS fighters defeated in Syria are regrouping in Kosovo – and the Islamist regime put in power there by the Nato bombing of Serbia is REFUSING to do ANYTHING about it!

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Ex-NATO soldier turned Islamic State commander Lavdrim Muhaxheri and an estimated 400 battle-hardened Jihadis are among thousands who have fled after ISIS suffered devastating losses in war-torn Syria, according to sources in the Italian intelligence services.

Many of the fighters have disguised themselves as refugees in order to cross borders to get into Europe without being identified, according to information leaked from the spying agency.

ISIS general Lavdrim Muhaxheri, who was once pictured decapitating a prisoner, is back in Europe with up to 400 of his most trusted soldiers after fleeing the warzone in Syria, it has been claimed

Muhaxheri, also known as Abu Abdullah al Kosova, is not only a Kosovo Albanian ISIS leader but also one of the most public figures because of his foreign roots and his efforts to recruit other foreign jihadi fighters.

He left for Syria in late 2012 and has appeared in several propaganda videos, calling Albanians to join jihad, and has uploaded photographs of himself hacking off a prisoner’s head, as well as a video where he kills a captive with a rocket (see top photo).

On September 24, 2014, the US State Department designated Muhaxheri as a global terrorist. Unfortunately, however, the Obama regime has absolutely no control over the terrorist regime that Nato put into power in Kosovo after tearing the ancient province away from Christian Serbia and forcing the Serbs to hand it to the Islamist Kosovan Liberation Army.


Daily Mail headline on the story

The Italian newspaper ‘L’Espresso’, quoting the intelligence services, says that between 300 and 400 members of the Islamic ‘caliphate’ had come to Kosovo with him.

His arrival coincided with plans for an attack on Israel’s national soccer team and other targets which he is believed to have masterminded after arriving back in the country.

The authorities in Kosovo have admitted that Muhaxheri and fellow ISIS fighter Ridvan Haqifi planned attacks on international and state institutions, ultimately with the intent to establish an Islamic state.

They say he planned to attack the Israeli football team during a match in Albania and Kosovo government institutions, as well as Serbian Orthodox Church sites, were also potential targets.

Ex-NATO soldier Lavdrim Muhaxheri and his men are among thousands who have fled after ISIS suffered devastating losses in war-torn Syria, according to Italian intelligence services

Now he is back in the heart of southern Europe, protected by a sympathetic regime which, outrageously, is itself defended by hugely expensive American bases, particularly USAF Bondsteel, where Obama’s CIA trained ‘moderate Islamists’ to unleash in Syria.

President Trump should take note, and close the place down. That would save American taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars every year, as well as making the criminals in charge of Kosovo understand that, unless they take action to remove the ISIS cancer, then neighbouring Serbia would step in and sort the whole mess out for good.

This is the monster who Nato, Obama and their Muslim allies in Kosovo have trained, allowed to collect a personal army, and set up base in southern Europe. How can this end in anything other than bloody disaster – unless Trump and Putin act together to save us? CLOSE DOWN BONDSTEEL!


FINALLY: Migrants must PROVE identity if they want protection, Swedish MP demands

Interior minister Anders Ygeman said the Scandinavian country has been far too lenient with migrants who have either arrived without legal documents or refused to show them to authorities.

Adding a policy change was required to ensure a fair legal process, he said: “If a person doesn’t have an identity document, I think you clearly have to place the burden with the individual to prove their identity.”

Join todayMr Ygeman also argued identification of a person was of immense importance because it allowed authorities to assess whether or not the individual had the right to seek asylum in Sweden, and whether or not they had the right to protection.

In 2016, around 60 per cent of those who arrived in the Scandinavian country produced ID papers early in the asylum-seeker process.

However, the interior minister explained people smugglers were convincing migrants it would benefit them to arrive without any form of ID – something he dismissed because the legal framework Sweden operates with makes it difficult an unidentified person to gain asylum.

Mr Ygeman said: “There is an [idea] spread by smugglers and others that it would be better if you didn’t have an identity, that a person shouldn’t have a passport with them, but it is a false [notion].

“Basically, it is the applicant themselves who are responsible for making their identity known. It has been interpreted slightly differently… but that has to be the foundation.”

The Swedish Migrant Board and police have urged the government to give them new powers to they can more efficiently determine a migrants true identity.

Suggested measures include being able to unlock someone’s mobile and laptop, check their social media sites and being able to do full body searches at any point throughout the asylum seeker process.

So far in 2016, 18,000 asylum seekers have returned home or moved to another country, however nearly 2400 of the migrants were deported.

The interior minister’s demand for a crackdown on immigration to Sweden comes as the country was plunged into further turmoil earlier in December after MPs turned on each other over the European Union’s migrant policy.


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