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FRANCE: ‘White Christian anger will rise no matter WHAT happens in the election’

Natalie Nougayrède said the nomination of centre-right Francois Fillion for French president “represents a new king of reactionary”.He won some of his best results in the primaries on Sunday in Front National strongholds with his social conservatism and tough stance on immigration, stealing some of Ms Le Pen’s votes.

The Republican nominee draws much of his support from conservative Catholics, but Ms Nougayrède warns their politics overlaps with that of Ms Le Pen’s Front National.

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Writing for The Guardian, Ms Nougayrède said: “Anyone who thinks that Fillon’s success clears the ground for a resounding defeat of far-right ideas in France’s 2017 presidential race should think again.“Fillon’s most active support base has come essentially from hardline, traditionalist Catholics – people who generally aren’t described as far-right, in the sense that they don’t affiliate themselves with Marine Le Pen’s Front National. But some of their ideas do overlap.”

Looking to the recent US election and Vladimir Putin’s close ties with the Orthodox church, the commentator said: “European liberal democrats tend to worry about the danger coming from far-right would-be autocrats – but that’s not the full picture.“The rise of ultra-conservative religious, Christian movements must now be looked at more closely.

“In France, pundits and parts of the media were caught off guard by it.

“In the US, white Christian anger has stood at the heart of the Tea Party and the Christian right – groups that have now gained a President-elect.

“A somewhat similar type of thinking seems to be making inroads in France, plugging into a historical legacy of deeply entrenched right-wing Catholic networks.”

Vladimir Putin meets with Francois Fillon in 2013

Mr Putin praised Mr Fillon, who served as prime minister of France between 2007 and 2012 under the premiership of Nicolas Sarkozy, following his nomination win.He said: “We worked together with Francois when he headed the French government, and I chaired the Russian government… we had a lot of meetings, and have developed certain personal relations, very kind ones.”

Ms Nougayrède said Mr Putin and the Orthodox church’s religious and reactionary message that Christianity is under threat from Islam, “resonates strongly in outwardly secular France, a country still traumatised by jihadi terrorist attacks”.

The Russian president applauded Mr Fillon for being a “tough negotiator” and “an ultimate professional and a decent man”.

Natalie NougayrèdeMs Nougayrède said some of Fillon’s supporters’ politics overlaps with Front National supporters
This was praise that was “no coincidence” according to Ms Nougayrède who says “Putin detects in Fillon streaks of his own ultra-conservative ideology.”With the success of Donald Trump in the US and a rising populist movement across the EU, Ms Nougayrède said: “The new reactionaries believe they can widen their reach more than the organised far right can do, because at first glance they aren’t as toxic or threatening to democracy.

“This will surely be Fillon’s strategy in France. Yet beneath that veneer of respectability, these groups carry a fair dose of bigotry and social regression.”

Marine Le Pen

With the first round of voting in France, due to take place in April, opinion polls say whoever runs for the left is likely to come a very distant third behind Mr Fillon and Ms Le Pen.Current polls suggest Ms Le Pen will win the first round of voting.

Unless the ruling Socialist Party can recover momentum, that would mean Mr Fillon would Ms Le Pen’s likely opponent in the second round in which he would hope to assemble a coalition of voters to keep Ms Le Pen out of power.

Mr Fillon emphasised family values and said France needed economic reform during his successful pitch for his party’s candidacy.

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As Turkey moves to open the floodgates – support our Brothers on the Bulgarian Border!

The Hour of Decision is almost upon us! This headline in the Daily Express this morning sums it all up. Germany’s rogue cultural Marxist Chancellor Merkel want another wave of Muslim migrants to complete the ruination of Europe, so she’s provoked Turkey’s rogue Islamist President Erdogan into unleashing just that by suddenly turning against the plan to pay him billions of Euros to keep the flood under control.

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The Express report focuses on the plan to ship 3,000 per day across the sea to Greece. But Turkey is also pressing ahead with a plan at the same time to let many more thousands across the land border to Bulgaria, from which they will move north and west on their way to their target countries: Austria, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden and, of course, Soft Touch Britain.


The desperately over-stretched Bulgarian border police will be overwhelmed at once. Which means that our brothers and comrades of the KTI-affiliated Union of Bulgarian Military Veterans will be the only obstacle in the way of the renewed Islamist invasion.

And this as winter in the Bulgarian mountains makes their voluntarily and perilous mission bitterly uncomfortable as well as dangerous.

We’ve just ordered a new batch of equipment for them, including video-recording glasses, concealed ‘wildlife cameras’ and high-tech audio-enhancement equipment. And we’re at this very minute sourcing the best deal on thermal clothing for them.

But, make no mistake, they’re going to need more. Much more. They may even need volunteers from elsewhere in Europe (we’re not going to ask our American brethren, because the coming fight to stop George Soros building up a Kiev-style violent ‘color revolution’ against President Trump means they need to stay to fight for the Second American Revolution at home).

If you won’t be able to come, those volunteers are going to need your financial support. So start putting spare change and the occasional note into a ‘Defence of Europe’ jar. Because the Hour of Decision is approaching. Some will do a great deal, Everyone must do something!

It’s not about ‘racism’, or ‘…phobia’ – it’s about defending our freedom!

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The Knights Templar International Order – Representing YOU at the highest level world-wide.

The KTI hold top level diplomatic meetings in Parliaments, Governors offices, Bishops palaces and corporate HQ’s almost every day of the week worldwide to make sure our agenda, your agenda, the agenda of Christ is presented to those who make the decisions that affect millions across the planet.

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We are noted for our discretion and secrecy, for this we make apology, it is our way and shall remain so. However, in this media led age we do understand that when possible we need to show a small glimpse into the work our fantastic Knights do and when safe to do so, we do put up posts and produce reports.


Sadly we can only report on a fraction of our missions as we routinely are asked to remain silent on the meeting we host or participate in and as Templars we guard our solid reputation for discretion with a fierce rigour.  Leading diplomats, business leaders and Church officials often call upon the Templars to act as middle men, advisors or personal conveyors of messages where discretion is required or the task could prove somewhat ‘fraught’.

KTI try to show our people as much as we can and on-line you can see the huge range of activities we do as one can also in the magazine of the order, The Crusader’ but remember, this is a mere snippet of our activities so you can imagine the scale of our operations week after week.


As we grow we are constantly on the lookout for brethren who can become envoys for the order, people who are well educated and of independent means with a professional background who can complement our diplomatic corps.

If you think you have what it takes you should contact the order and arrange an interview. Successful applicants do receive some financial assistance but all our people are self-sufficient and such a position will require the means to pay for ones travel, accommodation and sustenance generally.

So if you are up to it, have the necessary assets, experience and drive, please get in touch. Non nobis, Domine, non nobis,sed nomini tuo da gloriam.


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The European Commission is OVER, GERMANY now rules Europe declares former president

Romano Prodi led the Commission between 1999 and 2004 and oversaw the EU nearly double in size.

But he claims Brussels’ glory days are over as Germany and France and other member states snatch power from the European Commission.

The 77-year-old told Politico the organisation has morphed from a “union of minorities” to a “coalition of states” which has changed how the EU works and plans for its future.

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Mr Prodi said: “During my time at the Berlaymont, one just had to turn on a news channel of a European country and it was all about the Commission.

“Today, it’s all about the Council.”

Headed by Donald Tusk the Council brings together member states to set the EU’s political agenda with the Commission, overseen by chief Eurocrat Jean-Claude Juncker, acting as the executive as the EU promoting its general interest.

The EU’s endless departments and institutes of bureaucracy are being overthrown by national governments who are now more important in determining European affairs, said Mr Prodi with Germany dominating the EU.

He said: “The resolutions of the Greek crisis was not a Brussels-Athens decision, it was a Berlin-Athens decision.”

As the EU becomes smaller, the future of the leaders of the Commission and Council were rocked last week when European Parliament president Martin Schulz announced he would step down from his post last week as he returns to frontline German politics.

The move expected to spark a fundamental sea-change in the EU’s political balance, with a a shift in favour of the centre-right groups weakening current Commission president Mr Juncker’s position and also cast doubt on Donald Tusk, 59, the President of the European Council.

The rise of member states coupled with anti-EU referendums has also weakened the Commission.

Mr Prodi added the 2005 referendum which saw France vote against having to ratify the EU constitution was a major blow to the Commission.

With Brexit sparking a wave of anti-EU sentiment across the bloc, a series of referendums and elections in the next six months raise serious questions about the future of Brussels.

Former Italian Prime Minister Mr Prodi added: “Without trying to make reference to the upcoming referendum in Italy, referendums are rarely about the question they ask.”

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has promised to resign if he does not win the December 4 referendum on constitutional reform, opening the way for renewed political instability in the eurozone’s third largest economy.

Opinion polls now predict Mr Renzi’s defeat, in what would be the third big anti-establishment revolt by voters this year in a major Western country, following Brexit and the US election of Donald Trump.

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