Afghan man mutilated pregnant wife killing her unborn child

A MAN mutilated his pregnant wife’s genitals leading her to lose her unborn baby and nearly beat her to death in Northern Afghanistan.

The victim, who is in her 20s, said her husband launched the vile attack with a big wooden stick, cut her hair with scissors before shaving parts of her head.

She said his mother and his sister helped him to tie her up with rope and then beat her.

A MAN mutilated his pregnant wife’s genitals leading her to lose her unborn baby and nearly beat her to death in Northern Afghanistan.

The victim, who is in her 20s, said her husband launched the vile attack with a big wooden stick, cut her hair with scissors before shaving parts of her head.

She said his mother and his sister helped him to tie her up with rope and then beat her.

Join todayThe victim has said that she does not know the reason for the horrific attack, but reports of violence against women in the country are rising.

A doctor has reported that the victim was six months pregnant at the time of the abuse, but she has lost the baby following the violence.

The police commander of Takhar, Noor Muhammad Hakimi, said: “The accused is on the run.” 

He also confirmed that a case had been opened against three people, including the husband.

The horrific incident happened in the Ashkamish district of the Takhar province of the country.

The victim is currently recovering in hospital in Kunduz.

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Home  Killary  Video: Kosovo – NATO bases and ISIS training camps side-by-side in the… Video: Kosovo – NATO bases and ISIS training camps side-by-side in the land Washington and Brussels tore from Christian Serbia to hand to Islamist terrorists

Five ISIS training camps embedded like poisonous leeches in the underbelly of Europe. And one of them is within walking distance of the largest American military base outside of the USA. The place? Kosovo. And this deadly dangerous scandal is yet another example of how aggressive American and EU foreign policy adventures have played a central role in creating the Frankenstein monster known as Daesh.

Join todayThe threat developed after Nato forces bombed and invaded Serbia in order to stop the Serbian military putting down a bloody Islamist rebellion in the Serbian province of Kosovo, which had been steadily Islamised by the mass immigration of Albanian Muslims over previous decades. Hillary Clinton was heavily involved in pushing for this incredibly foolish – or wicked – operation.

The 1999 Nato campaign led to the establishment of the independent sectarian Islamist state which has since made repeated efforts to ethnically cleanse the last Serbs from the ancient heartland of their own nation. With the exception of Greece, all NATO members were involved to some degree, although the USA, Britain and Germany were the worst offenders.

After forcing the Serbian to hand Kosovo over to the Islamist terrorists of the so-called Kosovan Liberation Army (KLA)  – including thousands of Salafist volunteers from the Middle East –  the USA and Italy used the ‘need’ to protect the new Islamist regime from Serbia as an excuse to set up military bases. The American base Camp Bondsteel – pictured above – is the largest US military facility outside of the USA.

The Islamist enclave is not, however, merely home to Nato bases. According to intelligence sources quoted by Sputnik, Kosovo also houses at least five ISIS training camps, one of them just a few miles from Bondsteel.

In these camps, ethnic Albanian and other Islamist terrorists are trained by former KLA fighters, the so-called ‘heroes’ of the war on Christian Serbia. The presence of fundamentalist cells in the Balkans was already is well known (two years ago the Italian newspaper Espresso revealed that there were around  twenty in the whole region) but the latest news shows that the threat is now even higher.

In Kosovo’s ISIS training camps, aspiring jihadists study Arabic and the Koran, learn to handle weapons, and practice shooting and making IEDs while learning guerrilla techniques in the woods.

The main training camps set up by the Islamic State are Ferizaj, Gjakovica and Dečani, while smaller ones have been identified in Prizren and Pejë.  Their existence suggests that – at best – Nato has failed completely in the drive to prevent the spread of Islamic radicalism, or – at worst – that there are actually hidden links between the Islamist training camps and their Nato neighbours.

The most outrageous example is the ISIS camp in Ferizaj, a city of 100,000 inhabitants near the border with Macedonia, which is just a few miles from the US Camp Bondsteel. Built in 1999 during the war, with a 14km perimeter, this is currently the largest and most expensive American base built outside the United States since the Vietnam War. It is home to an estimated seven thousand soldiers and civilian employees.

Yet, far from this being a deterrent to radical Islam, Ferizaj has become a notorious hotbed of Jihadism. In August 2014, in the largest operation ever conducted by the Kosovo authorities,  11 of the 40 terrorists arrested were from Ferizaj. Worryingly, just as most key ISIS figures in Iraq and Syria are ‘graduates’ of CIA-run American holding centres, the same pattern emerges around Bondsteel. Lavdrim Muhaxheri, the commander of the notorious “Balkan Brigade” in the ISIS Caliphate, used to work in Bondsteel. His terror gang is well-known for its atrocities, including executions posted Facebook. Blerim Heta, a suicide bomber who detonated himself in a massive blast  in Baghdad, was also a Bondsteel worker.

The US strategic agenda for Kosovo is primarily military, Bondsteel is one of a string of so-called forward operating bases , “lily pads”. as Donald Rumsfeld called them, for military action to the east and south. US-NATO military control of Kosovo also serves several other purposes for Washington’s greater geo-strategic agenda. First it enables greater US control over potential oil and gas pipeline routes into the EU from the Caspian and Middle East as well as control of the transport corridors linking the EU to the Black Sea.

It also protects the multi-billion dollar heroin trade, which, significantly, has grown to record dimensions in Afghanistan according to UN narcotics officials, since the US occupation. Kosovo and Albania are major heroin transit routes into Europe. According to a 2008 US State Department annual report on international narcotics traffic, several key drug trafficking routes pass through the Balkans. Kosovo is mentioned as a key point for the transfer of heroin from Turkey and Afghanistan to Western Europe. Those drugs flow under the watchful eye of the Thaci government.

Since its dealings with the Meo tribesmen in Laos during the Vietnam era, the CIA has protected narcotics traffic in key locations in order partly to finance its covert operations. The scale of international narcotics traffic today is such that major US banks such as Citigroup are reported to derive a significant share of their profits from laundering the proceeds.

Meanwhile, in Gjakovica, near the border with Albania: the airport is also the national headquarters of the Italian Air Force in Kosovo. But while the warplanes there helped establish Kosovo, they are apparently incapable of dealing with the ISIS training camp on their doorstep.

Nato also has a strong presence in Just like in Pejë and Prizren. Some of their forces do try to protect the Unesco world heritage fourteenth-century Serbian Orthodox monastery in Decani from the threat of ethnic Albanian violence. In January, four men were stopped at the entrance and found in possession, on board of their car, a Kalashnikov, a pistol and several ammunition. Where were they from? Three of the four came from Kosovan cities in which there are training camps: Ferizaj, Prizren and Gjakovica.

Figures provided in recent days by the Kosovan Interior Minister, Skender Hyseni, give a clue as to how much this threat has been under-estimated: At least 57 foreign fighters were killed in combat with security forces, forty were stopped before they could leave the country, 102 were arrested on suspicion of terrorist activity and 17 others are under investigation. In total, the ISIS contingent is said to include some 300 ethnic Albanians, together with 38 women and 27 children.

All this in a small region of two million poor people, just a few hundred kilometres from the Italian border and unrestricted travel throughout the entire Schengen zone. And it’s all thanks to a Nato military intervention which was supposedly intended to bring security and peaceful coexistence to the country.

Last week five men were sentenced in Pristina for terrorist offences, with sentences ranging from 4 to 13 years in prison. The Jihadists had sworn allegiance to ISIS and were preparing a video to be distributed to demonstrate the presence of Islamic State in the country. It bears out the graffiti found last March on the facade of the city’s Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas: “Isis is coming”.

All this on the twelfth anniversary of the ethnic cleansing violence of 2004 in which dozens of Serbian minority churches, monasteries and community centres were attacked, looted and set ablaze.

According to prosecutors in a trial of the Jihadi cell in Brescia last December, their aim is simple: To break Europe and impose Sharia law on the ruins. If they do so, the Nato campaign to act as the air force of the Islamist Kosovan Liberation Army will clearly have played an important part in creating the conditions for such a disaster to occur. The only question is whether the close geographical proximity of the resulting Nato and ISIS bases is just an accident, or evidence of something very much more sinister.

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Donald Trump calls for harsh checks on inbound travellers from France and Germany

DONALD Trump has called for “extreme vetting” of French and German people arriving in the US as the nations have become “compromised” by extremists.

The Presidential hopeful said the string of terror attacks across France and Germany were “their own fault”, due to the EU’s relaxed migrant policy.Join todaySaying it meant that it was hard to tell exactly who was in each country, Trump said there was no option but to impose strict access rules to thwart possible terror plots.

Germany has suffered four horrific attacks in the past week, including the Munich massacre, while a Islamic State jihadi killed 84 people in Nice on July 14.

Mr Trump said: “We have problems in Germany, and we have problems in France. It’s their own fault because they allowed the people to enter their country.”The billionaire businessman, who formally accepted the Republican nomination last week, added: “Here is what I want: Extreme vetting.

“We’re going to have tough standards. And if a person can’t prove that they’re from an area, they’re not coming into this country.”

Donald Trump

Mr Trump denied he was backing away from his hugely controversial call for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the US.He said: “I actually don’t think it’s a rollback. In fact, you could say it’s an expansion. I’m looking now at territory.

“People were so upset when I used the word ‘Muslim’ – oh, you can’t use the word ‘Muslim’. I’m OK with that because I’m talking territory instead of ‘Muslim’.”

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has hailed Mr Trump’s “valiant” plans to fight the scourge of terror by clamping down on immigration.He said: “I am not a Donald Trump campaigner. I never thought I would ever entertain the thought that Trump would be better for Europe and for Hungary.

“But I listened to him and I must tell you he made three proposals to combat terrorism. I could have hardly articulated better what Europe needs.”


Thousands of fake and stolen passports seized in 70 per cent rise in rogue documents

HUNDREDS of fake passports have been seized in the past year as soaring numbers of migrants try to slip into Britain using fraudulent documents.

Another 1,000 stolen passports – twice as many as the previous year – were also detected by border force officials in the past year.Join todayNow Labour MP Keith Vaz, chairman of the Home Affairs Committee, has called on the Home Office to invest in fighting the organised criminal gangs he blames for circulating the fraudulent documents.

Mr Vaz, who uncovered the figures, claims urgent action must be taken before an expected surge of European migrants enter Britain before the borders close in two years’ time post-Brexit.

It has been suggested that up to 500,000 migrants will come to Britain before the end of free movement.

The MP said: “It should set alarm bells ringing that the number of detected stolen passports has almost doubled in the past year.“This comes after Frontex reported a 70 per cent year-on-year rise in fraudulent documents held by UK-bound migrants, many using easily altered identity cards from countries such as Italy and Romania.

Immigration Enforcement officer

“Border Force is fighting a war against well-organised criminal gangs who are circulating these documents and the Home Office should increase their resources as we prepare for increased immigration levels ahead of Brexit.”Figures released by the Home Office reveal that 555 passports containing fake identification photos have been identified by border force officials in the past year.

Another 1,013 so-called frequently obtained genuine documents were seized last year, up from 548 in 2014/15.

Earlier this year, the Frontex study revealed that the number of people aiming to get to the UK with false papers jumped by 70 per cent last year.This was mostly due to Ukrainians using real Polish ID cards and Albanians with Italian and Greek papers, it said.

The disclosure came in a risk analysis which also warned terrorists are exploiting the migrant crisis to travel unchecked through the continent.

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Raymond Ibrahim: ‘Mere Islam’ and the Munich Massacre

Ali Sonboly74

A German-born 18-year-old of Iranian descent named Ali Sonboly went on a shooting spree last Friday.  He reportedly targeted young children and murdered nine.

This incident is a reminder that the ongoing terrorization of the West is not limited to the Islamic State (ISIS), “extreme” Wahhabi or Salafi interpretations of Islam, or terrorists posing as refugees entering the West.

Ali Sonboly was none of those.  He was born and raised in Germany and, based on his name and Iranian heritage, was most likely of Shia background.

But he was a Muslim.  He screamed Islam’s ancient war cry “Allahu Akbar” during his rampage and, less significantly, launched his attack on the one day of the week that many calculated Islamic attacks on non-Muslims occur: Friday.[1]

And that is the grand lesson of the Munich massacre.  Mere Islam—to borrow from C.S. Lewis’ famous book about the many commonalities shared by most Christian denominations—is responsible for the ongoing terrorization of the West.

If you doubt this, simply turn to a recent study.  It found that Muslims of all sects, races, and sociopolitical circumstances—not just “ISIS”—are responsible for persecuting Christians in 41 of the 50 worst nations to be Christian in: Shia Iran is the ninth worst nation, “Wahhabi” Saudi Arabia is 14th, while “moderate” countries like Malaysia and Indonesia are ranked 30 and 43 respectively.

The common denominator in all these nations is ISLAM—without qualifier.

Even ISIS’ abhorrent treatment of Christians and other non-Muslims is only an extreme reflection of what Muslims in general are doing to non-Muslims all around the world.  See “Muslim Persecution of Christians,” reports which I’ve been compiling every month for five years this month, and witness the nonstop discrimination, persecution, and carnage committed against Christians by “everyday” Muslims—from the highest authorities to the basest mobs.  Each monthly report (there are currently 58) contains dozens of atrocities, any of which if committed by Christians against Muslims would receive 24/7 blanket coverage.

While the media concoct any number of lies to dispel the Islamic nature of the Munich attack—the usual strategies, especially talk of “grievances,” are already being employed —the fact remains: for all the differences and tensions between Europe’s native and Muslim populations, the Christians being persecuted by Muslims are often identical to their persecutors in race, ethnicity, national identity, culture, and language. There is no political dispute, no land dispute. Nor do these disempowered and ostracized Christian minorities have any political power—meaning there are no Muslim “grievances” either.

So why are they hated and hounded? Because they are Christians—that is, non-Musliminfidels—and that’s the real reason Western people are being terrorized by Muslims, most recently (or at least as of this writing) in Munch.

Ugly or not, this truth, that mere Islam—not “ISIS,” “Salafism,” “Wahhabism,” or “Shiism”—promotes hate for and violence against non-Muslims will never be remedied until those in positions of leadership first acknowledge it.  And, with the notable exception of Donald Trump, they are very far from doing so.


[1] Lamenting how Muslims are often riled against “infidels” during weekly Friday mosque sermons in Egypt, a Coptic Christian once said,  “Let me tell you … we [Christians] know that every Friday is a day of death; that the day after Friday, on Saturday, we’ll be carried to the morgue!”

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Germany: Muslim bomber carried powerful explosives, authorities say no evidence of “extremism”