Cross removed from crematorium chapel “to avoid offending non-Christians”


A Christian cross has been removed from a crematorium in Lancashire so as to avoid ‘offending’ followers of different religions. 

Council bosses opted to take down Accrington Crematorium’s large wooden cross – the symbol of Christianity – after growing concern about how secular groups responded to it.

It will now only be put up for individual services on request, after being the centrepiece of the crematorium for half a century.

The decision has outraged many in the area, including the Anglican Bishop of Burnley, Philip North.

He said: ‘This approach at Accrington Crematorium is symptomatic of actions often taken by secular authorities to strip away the outward signs of faith around us, but not for reasons the majority support.

‘At the census a majority of people in Lancashire identified as Christian and many arriving at the crematorium will want, and indeed expect, the cross to be there to offer them comfort.

‘If it’s a funeral of someone of another faith or none, remove the cross by all means, but have it in place for the majority who will still expect to see it.

‘I can’t imagine many people would ever ask for the cross to be removed as it’s a fairly traditional town.

‘What I know is the power of symbol. The cross is a powerful symbol of the victory of life over death. People living with grief need that kind of symbol. The rituals around death are incredibly important.

‘There are lots of people who say they are Christians but don’t go to church, and the cross is even important to them. And many people wear a cross even if they don’t attend church. It’s a symbol of love.’

Labour councillor Ken Moss heads the department that made the anti-Christian decision

Councillor Peter Britcliffe, leader of the minority Conservative group in the Labour-run council said: ‘This is another example of the creeping madness of political correctness undermining the traditional Christian values of our society in East Lancashire.

‘The correct default position is for the cross to be in the chapel unless those organising a funeral ask for it to be taken down.’

Following a £20,000 upgrade earlier this year, Hyndburn Council decided the cross should be removed and only restored at the request of a family wanting a Christian farewell for their loved one.

Muslims, of course, do not cremate their dead, so this is a good example of the fact that the assault on Christianity in the West stems not fundamentally from Islam but from cultural Marxists (who often use ‘not offending Muslims’ as a battering ram excuse to attack their Christian targets). Islamification is a real threat in the West, but it is a symptom rather than the root of the problem.

Who’s organising phoney ‘revolutions’?

coloured rev

Every year or so, it seems, ourTV screens are filled with footage of some sort of ‘coloured revolution’ in which an apparently spontaneous set of demonstrations seek to overthrow some leader (often elected) who the same media tell us is ‘a dictator’. Those who have begun to suspect that the ‘mainstream media’ don’t always tell the truth are right to smell a rat. everal rats in fact, and this article shines a light down their rat-hole.

The annual report by the Czech Republic’s Security Information Service (the BIS), recently posted on its official website, accuses Russia of trying to create an entity in Europe “drawing on the concept of the Comintern,” which was an international umbrella organization for the communist parties of various countries from 1919 to 1943.

The CIA’s pet Czech counterintelligence agents do not offer any facts to support their case, but given that they went along with the WMD deception that dragged Nato countries into the disastrous Iraq War, that’s really asking too much.

It should also be kept in mind that although communist organisations were able to engineer revolutions abroad after the developments of 1917 in Russia (such as in Hungary in 1918), the new Russia that emerged in 1991 has not incited a single coup d’état in any foreign capital, nor has it showed any intention of doing so.

Coups and revolutions are these days the stock in trade of Russia’s opponents – the United States and the European Union – which openly support ‘popular’ takeovers of the governments of sovereign countries, such as in Ukraine in 2014, Libya in 2011, and Syria in 2012-2015. The ‘Arab Spring’ that opened the way for ISIS was, after all, made in Washington, not in Moscow.

Thus a comparison between these ‘revolutionary’ Western structures and the Comintern is actually quite apt, as Pat Buchanan, the famous American political columnist and former adviser to Ronald Reagan, noticed several years ago.

This one-time US presidential candidate suggestively titled his article on this topic, ‘Putin vs. the Neo-Comintern’. Buchanan noted that even in the years immediately prior to WWII the Soviet Union refused to employ the Comintern to overthrow foreign governments. Only Leon Trotsky, the ‘antipope of Bolshevism’ championed the idea of ‘permanent revolution’, but he had already been driven out of the Soviet Union.

Buchanan notes a great irony of history – by the end of the twentieth century, Comintern-style revolutionaries had reemerged, but from a very different, non-communist end of the political spectrum – although involving very much the same kind of people. Buchanan writes: “Trotskyism did not die with Leon Trotsky. It mutated and is today the taproot of that neoconservatism that calls for permanent revolution to advance not global communism, but global democracy.”

‘Democracy’, of course, in the sense of allowing the people to vote for the solutions imposed on them by the elite.

Buchanan continues: “Today… neoconservatives are using tax dollars to create and operate their own Neo-Comintern. The National Endowment for Democracy (NED), which pumps out tens of millions of dollars to ‘promote democracy’ abroad, is its pivotal agency. For 20 years, it has been headed by Carl Gershman, who broke from the Socialist Party to organize Social Democrats USA, which rallied to the candidacy of liberal Democratic Sen. Henry ‘Scoop’ Jackson, whose staff was a nesting ground of neocons from Richard Perle to Frank Gaffney to Elliott Abrams”.

It turns out that the Czech counterintelligence agents from the BIS were barking up the wrong tree with their accusations against Moscow: the Comintern is indeed experiencing a rebirth, but in the West instead of the East.

Pat Buchanan’s observation about the ‘socialist’ past of today’s American revolutionaries points to an important component of the creative team behind the current ‘Maidan contagion’ – former radical leftists from the 1970s who had by 2000 been transformed into political spin doctors on the payroll of Western governments and large corporations.

Why is it important for us to study the Maidan contagion? Because, infatuated by this contagion, the West decided to destabilize an array of states (from Yugoslavia in 1999-2001 to Ukraine in 2014). In all the efforts to overthrow Milošević, Yanukovych, or even Nikola Gruevski, the leader of tiny Macedonia – the pop culture of the sixties and seventies is omnipresent, as is the romance of ostensibly spontaneous and often outwardly nonviolent campaigns.

The tactics of ‘peaceful youth protest’ were first tested against Charles de Gaulle in France in 1968. And by the early 2000s it had become a real business tool for the US and EU, with billions (not millions, as Pat Buchanan thought a few years ago, not yet acquainted with Victoria Nuland’s acknowledgment of ‘five billion for Ukraine’) of dollars in sales.

This tool was exposed in full detail as part of a Der Spiegel investigation bearing the evocative title Die Revolutions-Gmbh  (‘Revolutions Inc’)  (Revolution Ltd).

The well-known Spiegel journalists Renate Flottau, Erich Follath, and Uwe Klussman argue that neither the events of 2000 in Yugoslavia nor the subsequent ‘revolutions; that occurred at Washington’s behest could have in any way been spontaneous popular uprisings. The new pro-Western revolutionaries paint themselves as the romantic ‘children of Gandhi and Coca-Cola’, but in reality are quite able to count money and be cruelly pragmatic if necessary.

In an interview with Der Spiegel, the activist Alexander Maric acknowledges Freedom House’s leading role in the overthrow of Milošević, although he also notes that his associates from Washington did not force the Yugoslavs to commit to any specific course of action. The real story is how this business tool is being franchised: a ‘central office’ in Washington outsources the work to its chosen representatives in a certain country, they change the name of their movement into a ‘brand’ (such as Otpor in Belgrade), and the head office leaves the local marketing decisions up to the local branch.

This is what Maric told Der Spiegel: “Seminars were held with our American friends from Freedom House, not only abroad but also in the Serbian town of Novi Sad. We listened to everything, but only agreed to the suggestions that were most appropriate for us. For example, the American PR specialists recommended that we replace our clenched fist (the Otpor supporters took this symbol from the German Roter Frontkämpferbund movement, changing the color from red to black) with a more colorful, modern logo that would look better on Western TV screens. But we refused”.

The German opposition website Nachdenkseiten, which is dedicated to exposing the ways in which the US and EU manipulate the media, lists eight typical phases that occur when utilizing this business tool masquerading as a ‘spontaneous revolutionary eruption of the masses’:

• The unwanted leader of a country is discredited as an autocrat, dictator, or even tyrant – regardless of whether or not he received a majority of the votes cast.

• That leader is accused of corruption, electoral fraud, and other crimes.

• A memorable symbol is chosen – for example, a rose or fist, as well as an appropriately bright color (such as orange).

• A slogan is chosen under which to unite, and it becomes a familiar catchphrase – for example, ‘It’s Time!’ or ‘He’s Finished!’ or in Ukraine, ‘Out With the Gang’» For Russia, the rallying cry ‘Putler Kaput!’ was offered.

• Demonstrations are staged in such a way as to play well on the media.

• Special attention is given to ensure that the entire campaign against the legitimate government looks like a playful, entertaining, and seemingly unprofessional event. Opponents of the ‘regime change»’re mockingly depicted as boring individuals out of touch with the pervasive mood of playfulness.

• ‘We are the children of Gandhi, Gates, and Coca-Cola – we are today’s heroes’ is the general synopsis of the activists’ ‘self-portrait’ that is offered for public consumption.

• Revolutions Ltd. fully avails itself of all the advertising and marketing practices of transnational corporations.

The tragic consequences that ensued from the Maidan revolution in Kiev, which was conducted in accordance with all of these rules, is not stopping the new pro-Western revolutionaries from launching new projects – there are good reasons why Der Spiegel is predicting Belarus and the countries of Central Asia to be the next targets in the crosshairs of Revolution Ltd.

The Washington Post is predictably outraged that Russia has dared to label the aforementioned National Endowment for Democracy an ‘undesirable organization’. An article about the plans to do so is titled ‘Vladimir Putin is suffocating his own nation’. The assumption here is that we simply cannot breathe without the NED. Nor is there anything new in these assertions.

The Bolsheviks of the Comintern also believed that their revolution was as essential as oxygen to people in other countries. But it is irrational to compare Putin and contemporary Russia to the old Comintern loyalists, as the Czech secret service does. The spectre of the Comintern haunts an entirely different set of organisations today, although – to those who look deeper – the personnel involved are essentially the same.

After all, there was actually very little ‘Russian’ about the ‘Russian Revolution’. Apart from a bit of help from the German High Command, the whole thing was financed from wall sTreet, with Jacob Schiff and Max Warburg playing the same role as Geoge Soros does today. The first ‘coloured revolution’ was red – and it drowned the innocents of Christian Russia in blood.

Video: Soros / CIA Plan to Destabilise Europe


Just as the dark forces of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and George Soros’s multi-billion dollar network of non-governmental organizations plotted to destabilize the Middle East and North Africa through the use of social media to bring about the so-called “Arab Spring”, these same forces have opened a new chapter in their book of global dysfunctionality by facilitating the mass movement of refugees and economic migrants from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa to Europe.

In March 2011, Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi predicted what would happen to Europe if the stability of his country was undermined by the Western powers. In an interview with France 24, Qaddafi correctly predicted, “There are millions of blacks who could come to the Mediterranean to cross to France and Italy, and Libya plays a role in security in the Mediterranean”.

Qaddafi’s son, Saif al Islam Qaddafi, who has been sentenced to death by the radical Libyan regime that governs Tripoli, echoed his father’s comments in the same interview with the French news network. Saif said: “Libya may become the Somalia of North Africa, of the Mediterranean. You will see the pirates in Sicily, in Crete, in Lampedusa. You will see millions of illegal immigrants. The terror will be next door”. As seen with recent events, Saif was right on target.

Indeed, for Europe, the terror is literally next door. It is estimated that as many as 4000 radical jihadists, young men who are veterans of the terrorist holocausts of Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, have taken advantage of the absence of European Union external and internal Schengen border controls to either return to Europe or enter Europe for the first time. Many of the young male ‘migrants’ have iPhones, bank ATM cards, multiple passports, and ample cash, hardly what would expect to be found in the possession of legitimate war refugees.

Article continues below video

Not only have black Africans inundated southern Europe after making dangerous boat trips from North Africa, including Libya, but Syrian refugees, mostly created as the result of the West’s mass transfer of captured arms caches from Libya to Syrian jihadists after the overthrow of Qaddafi, thus triggering the bloody Syrian civil war, are streaming by boat and by land into the very heart of Europe.

Soros, who is nothing more than a multi-billionaire front man for the even wealthier Rothschild banking family of Western Europe, oversaw the complete destruction of the nation-states of southeastern Europe that now permit practical unfettered access of civil war and economic migrants from Syria, Iraq, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Sri Lanka, and other war- and poverty-ravaged nations of the Third World.

As a result of his programs to re-engineer nations, Soros first helped destroy the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia with the active help of the European Union and NATO. The seven independent republics that once constituted Yugoslavia, now serve as major transit routes for perhaps tens of thousands and an impending hundreds of thousands of non-European migrants. Greece, which is suffering under austerity «vulturism» directed by European central and private bankers, including Soros and his Rothschild overseers, can hardly deal with the massive influx of refugees. The bankers have ensured that Greece cannot even provide the basic social services for its own people let alone refugees from civil war zones and nations suffering from collapsed governments and economies.

Macedonia, which continues to reel from an attempted Ukraine-style ‘coloured revolution’ courtesy of neocons in the Obama administration like Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland, was unable to hold back a mass invasion of refugees from Greece. Many of the refugees who treated the Greek-Macedonian border as a non-existent nuisance piled across it into Macedonia and onward into Serbia. The migrants have sought any way possible to reach welcoming Austria and Germany. Refugees in Budapest swamped the central train station, forcing it to close to all passengers, refugees trying to make it to Austria and Germany, as well as Hungarians and foreign tourists.

Muslim refugees arriving in Munich have been irritated by the presence on the streets of beer-drinking Germans and foreigners celebrating the annual «Oktoberfest.» There have already been heated exchanges on the streets between drunken Oktoberfest celebrants and some Muslim refugees who object to the presence of plentiful alcohol. Munich city officials said they only had the capacity to receive 1000 new refugees per day. The city has seen that number climb to 15,000 a day with some 90 percent of them failing to register with local authorities and disappearing into destinations unknown.

Throughout cities and towns in Europe, newly-arrived migrants sleeping in parks and on sidewalks have created a public health nightmare with human feces covering park grounds and the stench of urine permeating the walls of buildings and gutters.

The situation is exacerbated by newly-arriving Syrian refugees in northern Germany mistaking poisonous wild «death cap» mushrooms for an edible variety that grows in the eastern Mediterranean. Although warning notices written in Arabic and Kurdish have been distributed to the refugees, the refugees have ingested the death cap mushrooms, which has resulted in uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea, which has added to the public health dilemma facing Europe. It is only a matter of time before human waste-borne diseases like cholera and typhus make their first triumphant return to the cities of Europe since the deadly pandemics of the last millennium.


Merkel receives the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize for her oustanding contribution to the advancement of the nation-wrecking, ‘white genocide’ Project of the EU

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, EU Council President Donald Tusk of Poland, and EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker bear direct responsibility for the influx of what may total more than a million political and economic refugees into the heart of Europe. Merkel has made no secret of her desire to add to the ranks of the German guest worker, Gastarbeiter. However, as shown with other guest workers in Germany who have arrived over the last several decades, these workers never consider themselves as «guests» but as permanent residents and citizens.

Meanwhile, Tusk and Juncker, the latter a native of tiny Luxembourg, have threatened to fine non-EU members Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Iceland if they do not absorb their share of refugees, a percentage dictated by the EU «Eurocrats» in Brussels. Although Tusk has demanded EU countries to open their borders and treasuries to the refugees, his native Poland is reticent to accept more than a few hundred. Poland’s opposition is joined by the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

Juncker’s successor as prime minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, who is Europe’s first leader to be in a gay marriage, has welcomed hundreds of refugees. Bettel does not believe in a Europe of borders and therefore, like Merkel, Tusk, and Juncker, he a hero to the Soros-funded NGOs who are turning Europe into a deadly social engineering experiment. Many Luxembourgers are in search of someone like Marine Le Pen in France to stop the refugee welcome wagon that threatens to obliterate the Grand Ducky of Luxembourg.

The countries that have radicalized their jihadist guerrilla armies in Syria and Iraq, namely, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait, saw fit to take in no refugees from the fighting in Syria and Iraq. Saudi Arabia had the unmitigated gall to offer Germany to build 200 mosques for the refugees, of course mosques that would only preach and teach the radical Wahhabist version of Islam.

Meanwhile, there is evidence that Turkey urged refugees from Syria on its soil to join the mass exodus on unseaworthy vessels to its longtime adversary, Greece. This gambit has resulted in the deaths of many children and women, which has only served to pull the heart strings of northern Europeans who have invited thousands of refugees into their social welfare paradises. Turkey has also distributed handbooks to the migrants instructing them where to go once they arrive in Germany for government social welfare assistance.

Just as seen with Soros- and CIA-directed themed revolutions in the Arab countries and Ukraine, migrants on the move have been instructed via Twitter where increased border controls have been established and how to bypass them. This «outside» direction has resulted in refugees heading from Greece, Macedonia, and Serbia into Croatia and Slovenia in order to make their way to the Austrian and German frontiers, thus avoiding increasingly hostile Hungary and Serbia. There has already been a practical border skirmish between Croatian police escorting a train full of refugees to the Hungarian border and Hungarian border guards.

Whether they are termed neo-conservative or neo-liberal, the policies that have resulted in the worst refugee crisis to strike Europe since the end of World War II have their roots in the political boiler shops funded by George Soros and CIA front groups throughout Europe and the United States. It is only a matter of time before their roles in what has occurred in Europe will be discovered by the nationalists of the right and left and their publishing houses and web site locations will go up in flames.

Eventually, Europeans will wake up and discover that Russia immunized itself from the refugee scourge by not playing ball with the EU and its contrivances. When newly-arrived migrants begin defecating, vomiting, and urinating on the streets of Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Helsinki, and Stockholm, refugee crisis-free Russia will not seem so bad after all.